One On One Skin Tips with Char


You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

Cleansers ensure that you are thoroughly removing impurities and makeup.



You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

Keep your skin wet with your spray toner before applying creams, serums and hydrators. This will help the products penetrate and perform more effectively.

At all times keep your skin wet in-between steps.

Use Char Skincare: Toner Environmental Protection Spray to help you keep your skin protected.

While traveling by plane, train, car or boat always keep your skin hydrated and protected from free radicals in the air.



You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

For the appearance of a much brighter, lighter and tighter skin.

Use brighteners such as Char Skincare:

Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment

Vitamin C & E Serum

Glow Serum

Retinol Serum

To help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate Collagen and Elasticity production:

Use Char Skincare: Retinol Serum

To avoid dehydration and skin irritation due to environmental factors.

Use Char Skincare: Barrier Repair Serum

For radiant and glowing skin you need to exfoliate to help slough away-unwanted build up and dead skin cells. Always follow directions on your products.

Use Char Skincare: Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment or Microdermabrasion Cream. Purifying Zinc Masque helps reduce oil and helps keep pores clean and tight.

This help with inflammation and irritation face masques can help with the healing process. These masks are best kept in the fridge.

Use Char Skincare H20 and Soothing Gel Face Masque



You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

For puffy eyes use Char Skincare Lift & Firm Eye Cream.

For a successful anti-aging routine it’s important when applying your product to massage it into the skin. Apply product like you are kneading doe. As you massage your cream into the skin you will be boosting circulation, blood flow and stimulating your skin to have a healthier, brighter and glowing complexion.

Use Char Skincare: Intensive Repair Cream

Always hydrate and protect your neck at all ages of life.

Use Char skincare: Neck Cream



You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

For younger looking, healthier skin and to help prevent any more damage to your skin.

Use Char Skincare: SPF Sun Guard. Always apply to face, ears, neck, chest and hands.

While using computers, cellular phones, ipads, televisions and while attending movie theaters to protect your skin from High Energy Voltage Light (HEVL).

Use Char Skincare: Sun Guard and Lift & Firm Eye Cream

Precautions should always be taken when you are traveling in an airplane. Always protect your skin from the sun by closing the window shade.

Use Char Skincare: Sun Guard Protection.



You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

Skincare treatments while you sleep. A bedtime routine will consist of cleansing, toning, correcting and hydrating.

Following a homecare regimen with Char Skincare can help with all skin types:

Anti-aging, Dry, Normal, Oily and Problematic.

With Char Skincare Products you can customize your skincare routine to create your own personal formula according to your skin type and condition.

You may contact Char Skincare to consult with a Specialist for recommendations.

You may layer each product as needed to assist in the process of correcting your skin.

Always keep your skin cleansed, tone and hydrated all times.

Always carry your Char Skincare pack with you while traveling to maintain a healthier and happier skin.

For puffy eyes use Char Skincare Lift & Firm Eye Cream. While applying green tea bags on your eyes this is for helping with inflammation and stress. Apply Wet Green Tea Bags 10 minutes morning, noon and night while laying in bed or laying back in a chair at work.

When you are in an airplane you are much closer to the sun and environmental properties, always take your Char Skincare Travel Pack with you.

Use Char Skincare: Hydrating Cleanser, Toner Environmental Protection Spray, Vitamin Cream and Sun Guard Protection to protect your skin while traveling.

 Never wear makeup to bed. Wearing makeup to bed leads to clogged pores, breakouts, rough texture and problematic skin. This will lead to the growth of impurities and Acne P. bacteria.

Always Change your pillow care EVERY night!

Remember there is no cure for Acne. However, you can get it under control with professional treatments and the proper home care with Char Skincare. Consult with a Char Skincare Specialist for recommendations.

Don’t forget about your lips! Whatever you do to your face, do to your lips.

Drink lots of water and eat your water. Eating greens will hydrate your skin on a cellular level. Eating greens will also help with inflammation in the body and oxygenate the skin, which will also stimulate your lymphatic drainage system in your body.

Maintain a healthy diet if possible. Eat foods with omega-3.

Fish, chicken and vegetables are the best for you and your skin especially while going through acne treatments.

Remember: No sugar, dairy, rice or tofu.

Avoid cosmetics and skincare with fragrances. Fragrances can cause inflammation and irritation.

Eat your vitamins. A balanced diet is important when you have problematic skin, such as acne. Antioxidants and proper skincare will help repair the skin and protect it from future damage.

Never pick or pop your pimples, especially with dirty hands. This practice leads to

An acne p. bacterium’s to spread all over your face, chest and neck.

Let your Char Skincare products work for you.

Ice your face daily to maintain a healthy skin condition. 10 minutes on and off.

While traveling by plane, train, car or boat its best to use Char’s Environmental Toner Spray and H20 Gel Mask for hydration and protection.

During the winter months: Use the Char Skincare Gel Masks. You can warm them up to a comfortable temperature and apply them for healthy skin and comfort. A great way to relax and feel good.

Consult with a Char Skincare Specialist for recommendations.

Changing your skincare regimen throughout the year is important. During the different seasons of the year, Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall. Weather and climate requires you to adjust your skincare regimen as needed.

Consult with a Char Skincare Specialist for recommendations.

While traveling it takes 72 hours for your skin to acclimate to the climate and environment. Consult with a Char Skincare Specialist for recommendations before travel.

Just for Women- When that special time of the month our menstrual cycle is blooming. Our skin type is acting a little crazy and we need to care for our skin in a different way. Char Skincare masques can balance the skin quickly and effectively during this time.

Little steps lead to successful, healthy and happy skin.

Whatever is important to us we make time for, our skin should be one of the things we make time for daily.

Having healthy skin helps build confidence.

Always look at your skin in the mirror before cleansing.

Look and feel the condition of your skin before you start cleansing. This way you can SEE the condition of your skin and FEEL the imperfections.

Take a moment and wash your hands then close your eyes and rub your CLEAN hands on all over your face. Use your fingers to feel all over your skin. Ask yourself "what do I feel"? Are you feeling rough, oily, congested skin (lumps)? Now open your eyes and LOOK at your skin, is it dry, flakey, red, inflamed, congested, oily etc.? It is important to know what type of skin you are working with in order to know what products you will need to achieve healthy and happy skin.

Always start your home-care treatments with clean hands.

Always cleanse your skin twice before applying products. For the 1st cleansing you can use our Pore Clearing Cleanser to remove makeup and sun protection. For the 2nd cleansing use our Advance Foaming Cleanser for a deeper cleanse. Always leave cleansers on for at least 2-3 minutes for best results then rinse with warm water.

Always wet your skin with water before applying cleanser. The skin is like a sponge, cleansing products will be able to penetrate more effectively and consistently.

Always keep your skin cleansed, toned and hydrated before applying any corrective treatments. The healthier your skin is the better products will work.

Apply your masks to clean, wet skin. As you apply the masks keep in mind that you are applying product not just on top of the skin but you want our products to penetrate your skin. Kneed it like dough. Products can "ball up" like dough if not applied correctly. It happens if not applied correctly.

Always use our Toner Environmental Protection Spray whenever possible. All Day!

Use Toner before applying product and during application of any skincare products.

Smoking marijuana, vaping or being exposed to environmental stress are factors that affect the condition of your skin.

Work environments can adversely affect the skin. If you work or spend a lot of time outdoors elements such as pollutants from vehicle traffic, construction zones, refineries, wild fires and boat yards can dramatically affect your skins health. If you work or spend alot of time indoors adverse skin affects can be caused by excessive computer use and cell phone use. Use our Toner Environmental Spray regularly throughout the day to help your skin stay at a healthy 5.5 ph balance and to assist in protecting the barrier of the skin.

While using an astringent keep in mind that your skin needs to be clean and dry. Using a 100% cotton pad apply our product to the pad and use a sweeping motion (left to right) starting at the forehead and ending at the chest.  You may go further down the body which actually is better for the health of your skin. When you are finished, look at the cotton pad and if it is clean you are finished. If it has some dead skin cells on it you may want to reply our astringent and repeat process, you may have to apply it a few times.

Men and Women should take the time to adorn their skin daily.

I can do all things when my skin is healthy and happy!